The Lady Formerly Known As Infertile

formerly infertileI’m pretty sure that we all know one.  Am I right?


6 thoughts on “The Lady Formerly Known As Infertile

  1. Yep. I try not to be her. On my blog, I am because my blog is half journal. Actually 90% journal. But on fb? Nope. You’re lucky to see maybe 2-3 pregnancy posts total. And even that might be pushing it…

  2. My blog is my journal and most people that are going to unfollow me because I became pregnant already did. On Facebook though, I created a separate closed group that people had to opt in to and that is where I post anything pregnancy related. I tried to be cognizant of the people I didn’t know were struggling with infertility.

  3. I just wanted to share something else… On Facebook i feel strange about posting too much of this stuff… I will post pregnancy stuff to family and close friends that do want to follow along, but I wouldn’t post for all my co-workers, acquaintances and followers to see… As to my blog, I dont have any restrictions about what I post. I started the blog as a journal to myself, that want to keep forever and hopefully read one day, share with my kids… I can’t hide things from it… I understand that some subscribers may get upset over the change from TTC to pregnancy posts, but they can always filter that if they really want to. I’ve never unsubscribed someone because they got pregnant.. I like that… it gives me hope! 🙂

    • Personally, I’m not bothered by pregnancy posts (blog or Facebook) though it does feel like it is feast or famine and in a feast I can get overwhelmed. It is the people who complain about the pregnancy posts either openly or in groups, share the “how to be sensitive to those with infertility” articles, but then suddenly think that just because they waited a while for pregnancy to happen that the “rules” don’t apply to them. Then it is all… wheeeeeee look at meeeeeee!! It isn’t the posts that bother me, it is the hypocrisy.

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