Okay, here’s the scoop.  I used to be your typical infertility blogger.  I shared my monitoring appointments.  I shared my feelings.  The ups and downs.  I shared my BFNs and even a couple of BFPs.   I made tons of friends and will never regret any of the steps on my path to my family.  But…. (isn’t there always a but?) I often found myself worrying about what I shared, how I said it, who would read it, who might take it personally, who would judge me, etc.

This blog will be anonymous.  Think you might know me?  You can ask me if it is me, but I’ll never tell… unless you sign a waiver promising to always agree with every single thing I post, commenting on said posts, and to share all of my posts with every person you meet.  This includes fellow target shoppers, homeless people with WiFi, and every person who has seen your hoo-ha (meaning medical professionals… I’m not implying that you’re sleazy.)

I am a very happily married woman of undetermined age.  I have children.  The first came easy.  The others did not.  I am ready to try for another.  I plan on keeping this blog light and airy like a vagisil commercial because when we are infertile, no matter how many earthly kids we have, we all need to laugh.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog so much. You are me in terms of story but I have had the exact opposite approach to my infertility. You blog really lifts my soul and I thank you so much for making me be able to laugh at something that was /is so shitty. Cheers!

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